Energy Savvy Upgrades Program

If you are a household experiencing energy bill stress, you may be eligible to take part in the Energy Savvy Upgrades Program.

What is the Energy Savvy Upgrades Program?

Residential Efficiency Scorecard

Receive a Residential Efficiency Scorecard assessment for your home for only $100. Image courtesy: DEWLP.

The program includes a subsidised energy assessment of your house plus subsidised upgrades of your home and major fixed appliances, such as insulation, draught proofing, heating and cooling, hot water services, and shading. The program helps to reduce household energy costs and make homes more comfortable. This program is funded by the Victorian Government, supported by Moreland City Council, and delivered by Draught Busters.

How does the Energy Savvy Upgrades Program work?

As part of the program, participants can receive:

  • a subsidised (discounted) energy assessment to find the best ways of improving energy efficiency at home
  • guidance on the Victorian Energy Compare tool
  • substantial subsidies towards home upgrades to reduce ongoing energy bills
  • qualified tradespeople to conduct the work, organised on your behalf

You will need to pay $100 for the assessment (normally valued at around $495) and contribute to the cost of upgrades. The Victorian Government will match residents’ financial contribution up to a maximum of $800, plus Moreland City Council will also contribute up to $2,000! Finance options are also available to eligible participants.

An example of the upfront savings participants can expect are shown below:

Assessment Upgrade Example A Upgrade Example B
Value of the assessment or upgrade: $495 $3600 $5000
Participant pays: $100 $800 $2200
Government contribution(total upfront savings for the participant): $395 $2800 $2800

Who can access the program?

Moreland residents can access the subsidised assessment and upgrades if you are:

  • Low income
  • Unemployed
  • Have a long term medical condition/disability
  • Caring for someone with a disability
  • Other similar circumstances


If you would like to further information or to sign up to the program contact Draught Busters on 1300 130 364, email or visit Moreland’s page to register your interest.