Get solar for your home

Installing a solar system is a great way to reduce your energy bills and your carbon emissions. Over 20% of Australians now have solar on their roof generating their own clean, green power.

What support is available for residents to install solar in Moreland?

Moreland is partnering with Solar Savers; a local government initiative led by the Eastern (EAGA) and Northern (NAGA) Alliances for Greenhouse Action.

Solar Savers is helping households to easily install quality and affordable rooftop solar.

Solar Savers will support Moreland households to identify and install suitable solar systems and/or battery storage.

Solar Savers will also offer residents advice about government subsidies and other finance options.

Support for residents on a low income

If you are a household experiencing energy bill or other financial stress, you may be eligible to receive a $3000 subsidy from Moreland City Council.

Who can access the subsidies?

Moreland residents can access the financial support for solar:

  • On a low income
  • Homeowners from culturally and linguistically diverse communities are encouraged to apply

Benefits of using Solar Savers?


Solar Savers have done all the hard work for you, including evaluating and selecting a trusted installer and high-quality products, so that you can follow an easy-to-understand process.


By joining the program you will have access to a high quality unit at an affordable rate. Further support from Council is available to pension cardholders and low-income households.


Solar Savers’ priority is ensuring that your system continues to work efficiently for years to come. This is why they have prioritised quality over price. Installers use industry leading components for panels, inverters and framing.

Accredited and trusted

Solar Savers have independently evaluated and selected a program installer to ensure that your system is installed by a trusted and accredited provider. Solar Savers also ensures that a minimum of 5% of all installations are independently audited for continued peace of mind.

Who can access the Solar Savers service?

Homeowners with an existing home that does not currently have solar panels.

How does it work?

Solar Savers pre-evaluates and selects a trusted installer with quality products and skills. As part of the program Solar Savers will:

  • Confirm your eligibility for the program and suggest alternatives for those who are not.
  • Connect you to trusted installers who discuss the details of your potential system and arrange a quote.

Should you choose to proceed:

  • You simply approve the quote and pay a deposit.
  • You can apply for the State Government rebate and loan, with the help of Solar Savers and your installer if required.
  • Your installer will then guide you through the remainder of the process until your system is installed and you are happy with your new Solar PV system. Solar Savers is available to help or offer advice at every step of the way.

Victorian Government Solar Rebate

Solar Savers participants may also be eligible for the Victorian Government Solar Rebate. To find out more visit or contact Solar Savers (see below contact details).

Support for Pension Card holders

Solar Savers provides extra assistance to pension and health care card holders by assessing your electricity bills to make sure solar is a good financial option for you.

They can also advise you on the current State Government rebate and loan offers, which can help to reduce otherwise prohibitive upfront costs.

Pension card holders may also be able to access a low-interest loan from Bank Australia, allowing you to pay off your Solar PV system over 10 years. Bank Australia is a 100% customer-owned bank that is committed to responsible lending.


To check your eligibility and to register for the program, complete the Solar Savers form for Moreland Residents here.

Council Partner: Solar Savers

What is the offer: Solar and Battery Storage

Who is eligible: Homeowners without a solar system

Subsidies available: Moreland City Council financial support for people on a low income. Victorian Government solar rebate and loan. Pensions card holders access to Bank Australia low-interest loan.