Solar and energy improvements for your business or organisation

Can your business premises benefit from a new solar system or an upgrade to lighting, heating, ventilation, or the hot water system? If so, we have support available to help deliver operational, energy and carbon emissions savings.

What support is available for businesses and organisations?

We have partnered with EnviroGroup, a Coburg based provider of renewable energy products and systems, to provide non-residential entities, such as businesses and community groups, with dedicated energy upgrade support.

These upgrades may include:

  • Energy assessment of your business or organisation
  • Solar system
  • Battery storage
  • Insulation
  • Draught proofing
  • Reverse-cycle air conditioners for cooling and heating
  • Hot water services

What services does EnviroGroup offer?

EnviroGroup can provide:

  • An energy assessment including a site visit, energy/emissions profiling, opportunity identification and prioritisation
  • Quotes for upgrades
  • Where requested, oversight of any third-party providers engaged to supply and install the agreed service/upgrades

They can also offer advice about government subsidies and other finance options.

Who can access help from EnviroGroup?

The following non-residential groups located in Moreland are eligible:

  • Businesses (medium to large)
  • Community organisations

Tenants in Council-owned buildings are not eligible for this program but can access our solar installation program instead.

Is there financial support available?

Businesses can apply for Environmental Upgrade Finance to conduct building upgrades. Environment Upgrade Finance is a long term, low interest loan where the repayments are administered through your local council. Environmental Upgrade Finance is a proven way for building owners to fund building upgrades.

How does Environmental Upgrade Finance work?

The benefits of this form of finance are:

  • No upfront capital or security
  • Fixed rate, long-term loan terms with low annual repayments
  • Option to share costs between owners and tenants
  • Repayments are collected through council rates
  • Every loan is legislated to deliver a positive environmental outcome

An environmental upgrade to your business premises can:

  • Improve the conditions for occupants
  • Reduce utility bills and your business’ carbon footprint
  • Increase the resale or lease value of your property

How to access Environmental Upgrade Finance

To access Environmental Upgrade Finance, an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) between the building owner, a lender and the local Council is put in place.

Moreland City Council is working with Sustainable Australia Fund to facilitate Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs) with businesses that own or lease commercial, non-residential buildings in the municipality. EUAs give building owners a way to:

  • Protect themselves from rising energy prices and reduce operating costs
  • Replace old and inefficient equipment with newer more efficient technologies
  • Install rooftop solar PV without using upfront capital
  • Free up cash flow by locking in competitive long-term rates

If you want to find out more about Sustainable Australia Fund you fill in the contact form on their website or request a callback. 


To access the service fill in the online form below. For more information email:

Council Partner:  EnviroGroup

What is the offer: Energy assessment, solar system, battery storage, insulation, draught proofing, reverse-cycle airconditioners for cooling and heating, hot water services.

Who is eligible: Businesses (medium to large), community organisations

Subsidies available: Environment Upgrade Finance is available. A long term, low interest loan where the repayments are administered through council.

Contact: Email: or fill in the online form below.