Dolce Vita Cakes, Coburg North

A year after installing solar panels on their roof, Dolce Vita Cakes are realising that they got a pretty sweet deal.
The Coburg North cake manufacturer and supplier has already achieved significant financial savings.

Dolce Vita Cakes installed a 30 kW solar energy system comprising 120 panels. “The solar system cost us $44,000 so it was quite an investment,” says Duy Ho, Director at Dolce Vita Cakes. “But it’s already paying off. We’re saving approximately 50 per cent on our electricity bills and we expect to repay the cost of the installation in five years.”

The solar panels allow the cake factory to power its freezers and cool rooms (which account for the majority of the electrical load), with solar power during the day. Running on solar not only saves the company money but also reduces the greenhouse gas emissions from their operation.

Not only is solar a clever business decision for Dolce Vita Cakes, it also protects the business against rising energy costs and positions them as a sustainable manufacturer.