Miinot Gelato

Sunshine doesn’t usually keep your ice-cream cold but for Pascoe Vale South’s Miinot Gelato that’s certainly the case. This popular ice-cream shop has just installed 40 solar panels and a saltwater battery to protect their business from power outages and ensure we can get ice-cream all summer round.
Owner Emma Nicholas-Jennings grew up in the ice-cream business and recalls a blackout they experienced. “They lost everything, all the stock. Me and my mum had to take turns sleeping so we could get stock ready for the next day. It was just hell.’
Despite researching power reliability when choosing the location for their shop Miinot Gelato have already experienced several blackouts since opening in 2015. In the most serious they lost the entire stock in their cabinet. Emma is also concerned that an unexpected blackout could damage their expensive machinery if cut off mid-cycle. Costs of power outages can be significant for local businesses with the recent SA blackout costing a median $5,000 for businesses, most of whom were not adequately insured.
As well as protecting their business in the short term Miinot Gelato will be saving money in the long term. The system is expected to take five years to pay back, during this time they expect their electricity bills to drop significantly. Once the system is repaid their bills are predicted to be reduced by a whopping 90%.
Like businesses across Moreland they are making the switch to solar because it makes great business sense as well as being the right thing to do.