RMIT is reducing its carbon footprint through the Sustainable Urban Precincts Program.

RMIT committed to a $98 million plan to upgrade 90 buildings across 3 campuses to slash energy and water use. The Sustainable Urban Precincts Program was partially funded by the Victorian State Government through an interest-free loan, this program was expanded by RMIT to take a holistic approach to energy and water solutions and address ageing infrastructure.

Across the University portfolio the measures being implemented are expected to save 30,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas each year, reducing the electricity consumption by 239 million kilowatt hours over 8 years.

That’s enough electricity to power Melbourne’s central train network for 7 months.

What is completed?

RMIT has completed the energy performance contract work on the Brunswick campus, this has included upgrades to all of the existing air-conditioning and heating plant, which services 21,000m2 of gross floor area. This included provision of conditions in spaces that had previously been without reliable air conditioning (Building 514 and Building 512) and the installation of a new central chilled water plant servicing three key buildings on campus.

The specific measures that have been implemented on the Brunswick Campus include

  • Replacement and consolidation of 7 natural gas boilers
  • Replacement and consolidation of 4 electric chiller, including a new centralised plant servicing 3 buildings
  • 7,000 LED light fittings
  • Installation of small scale solar how water units.
  • Upgrade of existing HVAC (heating ventilation and air-conditioning) systems
  • Upgrade of building management system controls
  • Water efficient fixtures including low-flow tapware

The implemented measures have resulted in a 860 tonne reduction to emissions on the Brunswick Campus every year, this represents a reduction of 26% to emissions at the site.

What’s next?

Honeywell will continue work on the RMIT Bundoora Campus, including the installation of on-site, precinct scale tri-generation and a large scale solar array (92kW).

“The Sustainable Urban Precincts Program is enabling the creation of a more responsive, resilient and sustainable RMIT infrastructure.” Michael Anderson, Manager Utilities, RMIT University