The Boroughs Store, Brunswick

The Boroughs Store on Lygon Street, Brunswick East recently installed a 3kW solar PV array.

Positive Charge assisted the process by creating a solar analysis, recommending a system size and obtaining quotes on behalf of the store. Store owner, Alsasdair MacKinnon says that it was all very simple and the panels were installed very quickly after the final decision was made.

The Boroughs have implemented several changes to reduce their carbon footprint, including installing energy efficient LED lighting, installing timers on display lighting and recycling everything that they can, to avoid it going to landfill. The store will also be insulated soon, to keep heating and cooling requirements down.

Alasdair loves the sense of community in Lygon St, Brunswick East and believes that creativity and sustainability are strong influences, which set the area apart from other shopping strips.

When asked why he thinks it is important for more households and businesses to embrace renewable energy Alasdair told us “If we all minimize our consumption of fossil fuels, especially electricity from coal fired generators we lessen demand and make that industry less viable – we create a market force. We want our energy sources to be as clean and sustainable as we can make them.”