Yarra Trams

Yarra Trams aim is to create a sustainable transport system, which delivers a positive contribution to the environment, community and the economy.

AEF has worked with Yarra Trams to suggest ways for the Brunswick Depot to use energy and water more efficiently and to reduce waste. Yarra Trams also got creative with its own ideas and implemented the Greendepot® program at several of its work locations.

The greendepot® initiative on the Brunswick site comprises the following:

  • Harvesting rainwater from the expansive roof of the tram shed.
  • Having the capacity to capture and store 130,000 litres of water means that rainwater can be used be used to wash the trams, flush toilets and water the garden
  • Installing sensors on office lighting where possible
  • Switching off lights in sections of the tram shed that are not in use
  • Separating the office lights on different circuits so that lights can be switched off in areas that are not in use. Separating existing lighting and retrofitting them with sensors is a simple way to save energy as it means the lights only turn on when needed.
  • Recycling paper, plastics, mobile phones and batteries
  • Installing a worm farm for food scraps and other organic waste
  • Installing waterless urinals in the men’s toilets
  • Collecting the sand used by trams for braking and redistributing it into a rain garden in the depot car park. The salvaged sand is also used by nurseries and for road-building
  • Establishing a ‘Green Team’ of staff volunteers to monitor and implement the Greendepot® initiatives

Further to that, Yarra Trams has also installed solar panels at its East Preston depot to further reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

The company is currently taking a more proactive approach to account for its use of resources by setting achievable targets in carbon reduction.