Yma and George Zammit-Ross

Morelanders Yma and George Zammit-Ross installed eight solar panels on their home last year after reading about Moreland Council’s bulk buy scheme in the Moreland Leader. While their primary motivation was playing their part to reduce the impacts of climate change, George said it was also very much an investment, and they are already saving money.

Despite a surge in their energy use due to household changes and building works their bills are down. Being able to generate power from the sun makes cooling their house more affordable, which is critical to Yma as she needs air conditioning on 24/7 on hot days due to her multiple sclerosis.

Whilst they plan to get batteries and more panels in future, they decided to get onto Moreland’s bulk buy scheme straight away to take advantage of the existing government subsidies and discounts whilst they are available. For them it made sense to start saving money – and stop using dirty energy from the grid – straight away.

Yma said ‘The whole installation was fantastic, very efficient and the guys were really nice’ said Yma, of installing through Positive Charge.

They would love to see more people taking action. George told us she’s been explaining the financial benefits to her older clients too because ‘solar’s not just a yuppie thing – it’s something everyone should be benefiting from. ’