CERES take action through Zero Carbon Evolution prize

We’re pleased to announce that CERES were the proud winners of the Zero Carbon Evolution Community prize. The prize money was used to install two timers on the coffee machines in the CERES cafes – both at the Merri Table and the grocery coffee hub.

The timers will reduce carbon emissions by automatically turning the machines overnight and turning them on again before staff (and customers) arrive each morning. CERES and AEF will be capturing the data to ascertain the exact carbon emission reductions but from previous installations we’re expecting this to be in the region of 8 tonnes of CO2 each year. As well as reducing emissions in Moreland this will contribute to CERES’s own journey to zero emission by 2025

This project forms part of an exciting project AEF are working on with CERES on to review the Merri Café’s sustainable practices against other international best practice exemplars. The project will explore how CERES and AEF can support local cafes to reduce their carbon emissions and educate customers on the environmental impacts of their food choices.

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