Cooling Moreland’s vulnerable communities

Australian Energy Foundation and Moreland City Council are working together on the Cooling Communities project to understand how we can better protect Moreland’s most vulnerable residents from the impacts of extreme summer heat.

Moreland is home to several of Melbourne’s suburbs most vulnerable to the impacts of the Urban Heat Island Effect. As detailed in Moreland’s Urban Heat Action Plan during heatwaves the municipality has a high number of extremely hot places; with very few cool places. This places the elderly, the very young and those with pre-existing medical conditions at risk of heat stress, which can have major health impacts.

Whilst many Moreland residents are able to protect themselves by adapting their homes – installing shading, insulation, draught proofing, air-conditioning, trees, plants and grass – those in social housing have limited ability to adapt their homes and gardens.

To help understand how social housing properties can be improved and the role Councils can play in supporting this the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning awarded Moreland City Council $80,000 to implement upgrades to 10 social housing properties in Moreland.

Moreland City Council and AEF are working together to deliver this Cooling Communities project and over the past month have been visiting a range of properties and meeting tenants to identify the properties and measures required. The upgrade measures for each property will be agreed in December and implemented before the end of January. Learnings from the project will be disseminated to councils, social housing providers and other stakeholders next year.

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