Get involved in the Moreland Student Climate Summit

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Are you passionate about climate change and taking action at your school and community?

Then register for the Moreland Youth Climate Summit.

Date: Wednesday 5th May

Time: 9.30am-2.30pm

Where: Brunswick Town Hall, 233 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. (Subject to COVID-19 restrictions the workshops may need to be moved to online.)

The summit will be the kick-starter for a youth lead climate justice network. By participating in the summit you will:

  • Connect with other leaders in your community and join an ongoing network
  • Increase your understanding of climate change and solutions.
  • Gain confidence and inspiration to create change within your personal life, social circles and the broader community.

The Climate Summit event is a full day of interactive activities, discussions and planning; designed to boost your knowledge, confidence and understanding of your role as leaders. We will investigate key sustainability themes, build on or create a new action plan for your school and celebrate the work completed.

You will plan and develop a campaign through communication, behaviour change and collaboration, discover ways to advocate for change within society, including your school and the wider community.

The Moreland Student Climate Summit is a partnership with CERES and Moreland City Council.

Get involved in the design and running of the event

If you would like to help shape the summit and be part of the running of the event there are two pre-summit workshops:

  • CoDesign Workshop:  Thursday 29 April, at 4pm, online
  • Pre-Summit Workshop: Tuesday 4 May, at 4pm, at Oxygen Youth Space

The workshops will be filled with interactive activities, discussions and planning; designed to spark your interest in co-designing the climate event, boost confidence and understanding of your role as leaders.

Following the delivery of the planning workshop, CERES will facilitate a workshop the day before the big day of the Climate Summit. This will provide you with further support and an opportunity for any last-minute updates, program changes and any tweaks to mini-workshops.

There will be reward cards/vouchers for your time at the workshops and snacks provided.

Click here to apply to be part of the working group.


If you have any questions about this program please contact Lori Long, Youth Programs Support Worker at Moreland City Council on 0411 857 844 or