NEW Climate Change Education Kit – a success!

In February this year, we announced the recipients of our Moreland Zero Carbon Grants.

Local sustainability centre, CERES, used the grant to deliver an exciting new climate change education kit, especially designed for children in early childhood education.

They developed the kit to help both educators and children alike learn about simple energy concepts.

The kit contained lots of fun equipment including:

  • Electricity wand
  • Giant thermometer
  • Solar panel
  • And even a solar oven!

CERES trialled the kit in two local Moreland childcare centres- Barry Beckett Children’s Centre and Moreland Community Childcare on Tinning St.

The response so far has been excellent. All the teachers that trialled the kit gave overwhelmingly positive feedback.

“Yes we loved it!”

“Great way to introduce topics, increase the children’s knowledge and ours!”

The kit has the potential to reach over 8 early childhood centres per year. This means over 800 local children are now learning about energy and climate change.


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