Watch them grow….

Earlier this month the Lygon Street community came together to plant out their new community greenspace outside the Maternal and Child Health Care Centre. This project came into being after consultation with the local traders found a strong demand for more plants and trees along Lygon Street. Moreland’s Urban Heat Island Strategy also found the neighbourhood to be a hotspot so it seemed like a perfect place to increase planting and create a new shady community space.

Over the winter Moreland City Council and Positive Charge ran a series of workshops to find out what the community wanted from the space. The answers we got back were ‘play spaces’, ‘a shady tree’, ‘a herb garden’,’somewhere to sit’, ‘native Australian plants’, ‘a place to pause’ and ‘a place to socialise’.

We had a beautiful morning for the planting – and have had some rain since to help the plants bed down (although the wind hasn’t been quite so kind). We’re looking forward to seeing how the garden grows over the summer – and are especially excited about the sunflowers planted by the children who attend the Saturday morning playgroup!

If you haven’t checked out the new space then head down to Lygon Street, grab a coffee from one of the cafes, relax in the new greenspace and investigate which herbs you can smell.

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