CERES’ zero emissions EcoHouse

Australian Energy Foundation have been working with Ceres over the past year to upgrade the Ceres EcoHouse to become a zero emissions, all-electric home. This latest upgrade builds on a series of renovations to improve energy efficiency since the house was transported to site in 1982.

The video details the key measures installed in the home to date, which include:

  • Removing appliances that use non-renewable energy (cooktop, water heating)
  • Reduce energy demand (draughtproofing and insulation, appliances, heat pumps for water and space heating/cooling and LED lighting)
  • Generate solar energy and install solar electricity storage

The upgraded house was officially launched on 9th October by Minister Lily D’Ambrosio and Tim Forcey spoke on the importance of switching to zero emissions homes.

If you want to explore which measures you can take on your own home visit the Australian Energy Foundation website.

Click here for more information on the EcoHouse and its opening hours.

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