Saving money and energy for Moreland’s cafes!

Coffee machines use large amounts of electricity keeping them hot so that coffee is ready whenever you need it. Whilst this might sound great to coffee lovers the problem – for café owners’ profits and the planet – is that they can take over an hour to warm up, so many cafes leave them on overnight.

We thought there was a great opportunity to support Moreland’s local businesses save money and energy through coffee machine timers – so installed five timers in Lygon Street cafes, sat back and watched what happened.

What did happen?

  • Timers were installed easily and effortlessly into switchboards by our qualified electrician – usually in around 15 minutes
  • Cafes were shown how they can easily adjust the timer as needed
  • On the floor there were no other changes – the café opened, coffee was poured – no dramas
  • Electricity consumption was a different story – average reduction was around 9kW hours a day
  • For a business on a 25c tariff this would deliver around $820 annual savings per machine – which roughly equates to selling an additional 1,000 extra cups of coffee a year
  • For the planet this equates to over 4 tonnes of CO2 saved every year from every machine

What next?

We’d love to see every coffee machine that isn’t turned off at night fitted with one of these timers. Payback for the business is less than one year – so that would be a lot of extra money staying in the pockets of our local businesses. It could also save Moreland thousands of tonnes of CO2 every year.

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