Get around by bike

Why should I choose to ride a bike?

Riding a bike is a zero-carbon way of getting around. In addition to the environmental benefits, cycling is an excellent way to exercise and a cheap form of transport. A bike with lights and carry bags is an ideal travel option to get to work, school or the shops. Many families are looking to electric assisted cargo bikes to carry kids, do a family shopping trip and so much more. Moreland has so much within biking distance that many people are asking “Do I really need a car?”.

What are the options for people with different abilities?

A conventional bike may not be suitable for people of different physical abilities.  Fortunately, there are bikes as diverse as the people who ride them.  Electric assist bicycles, cargo bikes, Tricycles, scooter bikes, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, double rider bikes, and low step through bikes are all options that may work for you.  A bike shop can help you choose.

Can I cycle with my children?

There are many different types of bikes that have been modified to allow small children to be passengers on the same bike as adults. These can include cargo bikes, tandem bikes, child seat attachments or bike trailers.

Children and parents riding with children can sometimes ride on the footpath.  Visit VicRoads to see how the road rules apply to your circumstances.

How can I make my bike ‘shopping friendly’?

It’s easy to ride to pick up groceries and other shopping items with a few simple modifications. Your local bike shop can supply and install a bike basket. For larger loads, a rack and panniers that sit on either side of the rear wheel provide carrying space for a weekly shop. For a large family shop or to carry shopping and kids, a cargo bike with built in box or crate may be the option for you.

Where can I ride my bike in Moreland?

Bike riders in Moreland have access to an extensive network of off-road, protected or marked cycle lanes in addition to regular road routes.

To view on and off-road cycle lanes and paths, you can view this interactive Google map. Moreland City Council also provides a simplified map of recommended bike trails and routes with accompanying short descriptions. Bicycle Victoria also has a collection of bike trail maps covering Moreland and beyond.

Where can I park my bike in Moreland?

Moreland has an ever-increasing number of bike parking spaces. Bike parking is prioritised around busy shopping or recreational places in the municipality.

Secure bike parking is available at Glenroy, Fawkner and Coburg train stations. These stations host Parkiteer bike cages which are managed by the Bicycle Network and are monitored 24 hours. Use of the parking facility requires an access card and security deposit. To organise access, visit the Bicycle Network Parkiteer page.