Ride & Stride

In Moreland, our streets belong to everyone who walks, rides, plays and drives. We want more children to feel safe, confident and able to walk or ride around their local neighbourhoods, and by 2030 we are aiming for 80% of all trips to our schools to be made via sustainable forms of transport; whether this be by foot, bike, scooter or public transport.

The Ride & Stride program is an innovative behaviour change program designed to get more kids riding, striding and scooting to school. By developing and fostering a culture of healthy, active travel in young people, the Ride & Stride program hopes to drive generational change towards a safer, more sustainable transport network in Moreland.

Pilot program in 2021

In 2021, we piloted our new Ride & Stride program with Coburg North Primary School and Brunswick East Primary School.

We worked closely with the schools to understand specific barriers to active travel in their local area and design a tailored suite of initiatives to activate more walking and cycling trips to and from the school gates.

The Ride & Stride pilot seeks to not only shift a school’s travel behaviours, but also attitudes, habits and social norms around how our local families choose to travel to school, work and get around Moreland.

Read our report on the pilot program.

Open Streets Trials

In 2021, we trialled 3 of Australia’s first Open Streets outside primary schools here in Moreland. During drop off and pick up times at school gates, we opened the street to walking, riding, scooting and play without car traffic, creating safe and healthy streets for children outside their schools.

We’re excited to share the results of our Open Streets trials.

Highlights include:

– 77% of students walked, rode or scooted to school during their Open Street
– 20% less families drove to school
– 90% of parents & local residents want the Open Street to continue, with 53% of these wanting to have an Open Street daily outside their school

Read more about the trials and the next steps for our Open Streets in the Open Streets 2021 Report

Other Ride & Stride initiatives

A range of other initiatives are delivered, read more in the articles below, including:

  • Free e-cargo bike trials for families that haven’t been able to ride the drop off run before.
  • Maps and signage showing the best way kids can walk/ride to school.
  • Tag On – using a blue tooth tag Kids ’tag on’ at kiosks each morning by selecting how they travelled to school that day, earning points for their house and points for travelling actively, and importantly allowing parents to receive an instant email notification that their child has arrived safely.

For more information on the Ride & Stride program, please contact zerocarbon@moreland.vic.gov.au

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